Today's verse is John 18:12: "So the band of soldiers and their captain and the officers of the Jews arrested Jesus and bound him." My child, when you think of the scenario as I was arrested, it's almost comical.  At around midnight, my betrayer, Judas, and an entourage of soldiers came to the garden of Gethsemane to arrest me.  They held many lanterns in order to find me trying to escape, or hidden in a corner of the garden.

It was dozens upon dozens of soldiers, fully armed, coming to arrest me.  They were the best of the temple guard.  They were trained killers.  All these people came to arrest me, a Jewish carpenter from Nazareth, unarmed, one who had continually taught that peacemakers were blessed.  I had taught that I had come to bring peace, not a sword.  I had taught the need to love your neighbor, forgive your enemy and pray for your persecutor.

Why was this scenario almost comical?  What they failed to realize is that I could have called upon my Father in heaven to send me a legion of angels to help me at that moment, should I have chosen to do so.  A Roman legion consisted of 600 men.  I could have asked for 600 crack, armed, powerful members of heaven's armies to come and fight for me.

My Father in heaven is often called in the Bible, "the Lord of hosts."  These "hosts" are the heavenly hosts, the angel armies in heaven.  They were created in serve my Father and you.  Actually, they are the most underutilized power available to you on earth.  They desire to serve my Father's people.  They are ready to do so.  But you must ask for their help.  You must call upon them.

They are always on your side, if you believe and trust in me.  They rest by the thousands in the unseen, invisible, eternal world.  I could have called upon them, but did not.  You should call upon them, all the time!  They go before your every step. They are on your side.  They desire to fight for you.

I did not call upon them, when arrested, because I knew the plan my Father in heaven had for me.  My call was the drink of the cup of my Father's wrath, so you would not have to do so.  My call was to go to the cross and substitute my life for yours.  I was to die in your place on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins.

My child, I did not call upon the angel armies to help me.  But you can and should.  If you know they are ready to fight for you, whom shall you fear?  Why should you ever be afraid?  The Lord of hosts is with you and for you.  There are heavenly armies available to you, ready to fight for you right now, today.

Therefore, walk boldly and confidently today.  No weapon formed against you will prosper.  The angel armies of my Father outnumber the enemy's armies by two to one.  He is defeated. Nothing can harm you.

You can trust me today.