Did you know that your life is a sermon?  It's either a good or a bad one.  Therefore, we all should ask the question, "What kind of sermon am I preaching to others?"


Our words spoken to others will have some degree of impact on their lives.  But they won't have near the impact as the life you choose to live.  Our influence of others is most often caught, not taught.


Therefore, today, pause to consider how you are living your life.  Look carefully at your actions.  Do they inspire others to a better life?


Whether we know it or not, we are role models for others.  Friends, family members and acquaintances are watching our actions.  They are making mental notes about our character.  We are instructing others every moment with how we live.


What kind of example are we leaving?  What kind of sermon are we preaching?  Are others attracted to your tone, or style? Is your message one you're proud to deliver?


All our lives are sermons.  Let them therefore be ones people want to come back and listen to over and over again.

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