Emotions are wonderful gifts.  When they are positive, we feel like we can fly.  We feel bullet proof.  We feel like there's purpose in our lives and the world.


But negative emotions can do just the opposite.  They can rob us of the peace that makes life meaningful.  Anger and/or anxiety can separate us from all the blessings God wants to give us.


How can we begin to control our emotions?  Here is one clue I've learned thru the years.  You've got to learn how to place faith over your feelings.  


Human emotions are highly variable.  They change by the hour.  They are greatly unpredictable.  They are often very unreliable.  In a way, they remind me of the weather, except even more unpredictable and unreliable!


Some time today, your will probably be overcome by negative emotions.  Don't truth them!  Reign them in.  Test them.  Try to see their source.  Then give them to God.  Invariably, your emotions will change. But God never does.


So trust him completely today to watch over your life.  Give him complete control.  Then watch your feelings follow your faith, not vice versa.  Trust me, they will!

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