What is your purpose in life?  It's a question everyone asks.  All people everywhere desire to know what their purpose in life is.


How do we begin to know it?  Here are a couple of keys that may help you answer this question:

1.What motivates you?  What do you enjoy doing?  Your life's purpose most likely will

intersect with what you love doing.

2.What work is there that you can do that is beyond yourself?  What is so grand that it will

make the investment of your time and energy worth it?

3.Is this something you and only you can do?  Or is it something that many can accomplish?

4.How can it serve others?


How you answered these questions probably gives you grand insights into your life's purpose.

1.Find something you love to do.

2.Do something bigger than you can imagine.

3.See your uniqueness in it.

4.Make your work so it serves others and…

You've probably found God's plan for your life!

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