In Mark 1:2, it says the prophet's "voice" cried out in the wilderness, "Prepare the way of the Lord."  This is a reference to John the Baptist's ministry, a ministry in the wilderness where he proclaimed the coming of Messiah. Today, I'd like for us all to contemplate for a few moments the purpose of a "voice".  The way God constructed the throat and the ability to speak is a miracle unto itself.  How air is pushed through the vocal chords to produce sounds, then the mouth forming words, is indeed amazing.

But God did this for a reason: he wanted us to be able to communicate with one another.  He knew the importance of words expressing the heart.  He knew it would draw us closer to one another.  The voice is absolutely essential for community to occur.  It's necessary for love to happen.

But it's also important for something else: the Gospel of truth to be proclaimed.  How can anyone know of God's amazing love and forgiveness through Jesus unless we use our voices?  How can anyone be saved unless our voices express the words of God's truth?

It's been said that Francis of Assisi once told his followers, "Go into the world and express the love of Jesus and, if necessary, say something."  It's a powerful quote about the power of our actions being louder than our words.  However, if anyone knows the life of Francis, everywhere he went he not only lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he expressed with his words the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God gave us a voice.  It must be used, primarily to tell of the coming of our Lord.  Think today about the importance of your voice.

And use it to tell someone about God's love in Jesus.