We just passed the first Monday in January. Did you start a diet today? Have you already messed up on said diet? How about starting a new guilt-free diet? Too many of us live life filled with guilt because we can’t forgive ourselves for past failures.

Forgiveness is something we all need.  It’s one of the most often talked about subjects in the Bible.  Through Jesus, our sins are forever forgiven.  That is awfully good news that should set us free.

However, we forget that forgiveness doesn’t begin with forgiving others.  It begins with forgiving ourselves.  I’ll say it again; too many of us continue to live life filled with guilt because we can’t forgive ourselves for past failures.

Here’s how you can begin to forgive yourself today!

  1. Realize we all fail.  It’s a part of life.  Every single human errs in life.  It’s common to all.
  2. Failure is only final if we refuse to get up again.  Giving up is the only way failure succeeds in your life.
  3. One of life’s best learning tools is failure.  I love the story of Thomas Edison who tried to invent the electric light bulb.  He failed thousands of times.  When asked if he was ready to give up, he simply said, “Of course not.  Now I know thousands of ways not to do it.”  When you have this kind of attitude, you make failure your friend.
  4. Guilt is a strong piece of evidence that you need God’s grace.  Therefore, guilt too is a gift from God!  It signals a place in your heart that has not yet been washed anew with God’s grace.
  5. Realize that no failure is beyond God’s redemptive grace.  No sin you can ever commit is stronger than God’s forgiving love!  If your sin can overcome God’s grace, why was the cross necessary?

Can you forgive yourself today?  Of course you messed up.  We all have.  Of course you’ve made mistakes and failed.  So what?

Let it go.  Give it to God.  Receive his grace and forgiveness anew.

And enjoy today to the full. Happy dieting.

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