Is your marriage hurting?  Do you want it to work but it's just not working right now?  If so, one of the things that you can do to help it is to reset your priorities.  Oftentimes, a few, simple adjustments in our lives can change our marriages forever. My wife and I have learned a few non-negotiable in our marriage that have really helped us. These adjustments have helped us in more ways they we can ever say.  I offer them to you, hoping they can help you reset your priorities.

1. Have a weekly date night.  Place it on the calendar.  Hire a baby sitter if necessary.  If you can't afford one, put the kids to bed early and go into another room and just talk.  Make sure it's one on one; no one else is there.  You are there to enjoy each other's company—period—and get caught up on all that's going on in each other's lives.

2. If possible, try not to be away from home any more than three nights per week.  I understand that travel is a part of many people's lives.  But absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder.  Often it makes it wander!

3. Give your spouse, if possible, veto power over your schedule.  It there is too much time away from home let the other speak honestly into the schedule so it can be adjusted.

It's amazing what regular, disciplined time together can do to help a hurting marriage.  Try it!  I think it may help.

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