Someone once said, "All marriages are happy.  It's the living together afterward that causes all the problems." If that's your problem, living together happily, here are some tips that may help your marriage grow so you can indeed live happily ever after.

Lock the door from the outside.  Repeat your vows together regularly.  State firmly to one another and your kids: "Divorce isn't an option."

Speak words of life and affection toward one another every single day.  Look for ways to affirm your spouse verbally, especially in front of the kids.

Go have some fun together.  Find one thing you really do enjoy doing together.  Maybe it's a movie, or a meal out, or a walk in the park—whatever!  Find it and go do it!

Pile these three things on top of one another for a one month time period and see if your "living together" and enjoyment in marriage start to come together.

Get married happily.  Stay married happily.  It's a worthy goal.

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