Medical studies have proven that those who have faith in our culture live as much as seven years longer than those who don't.  For those outside our culture, the number skyrockets to as much as fourteen years! Why?  It's because faith is God's natural antidote to anxiety and fear.  Anxiety and fear separate us from God's peace.  They move us away from God's spiritual blessings and all he has in store for us.

To live a healthy life, both spiritually and physically, we must constantly put faith over feelings.  Human emotions vary daily, by the minute!  They are decidedly unpredictable and unreliable.  They are fickle like the weather.

Therefore, we must learn to live by faith, not by sight, not by the emotional roller coaster of our feelings.

Faith then becomes more than just an ethereal exercise.  It's more than just a religious talking point.  Our present and future health is at stake.

That's reason enough to quest for it!