Today's focused verse is Mark 4:23: "If anyone has ear to hear, let him hear." "Ears to hear" Jesus' words implies a desire to hear Jesus above all other words.  It involves surrender of proud self-sufficiency.  It demands total abandonment to all God desires for our lives.  It suggests a desire to hear his voice above all other voices that surround us.

In the Hebrew language, the word for "hear" is the same word for "obey".  The two must be inextricably connected.  For a surrendered follower of Christ, if we hear his words we immediately want to obey his words.  There is no other desire in our hearts.

We have voices all around us.  Talking heads consume television time.  Bloggers (like mine) ask for your eyes and ears.  A cacophony of voices surround us.  To which ones should we listen?

I'd suggest listen first and foremost to Jesus' voice.  That's what he is saying here.  "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."  When he teaches, open wide your ears to hear his words.

Which means you'll obey his words.

That's what he is saying in this one, powerful verse.