This week is Holy Week.  Many churches, like Forest Hill, will have a service of darkness.  It will be a time of deep reflection into our sin.  During this time, we will reflect upon the fact that our sin nailed Jesus to the cross.  It should have been our cross!  We should have suffered upon the cross instead of Jesus.

But because of his great love and mercy, he substituted himself for us.  He who had perfect righteousness, took sin upon himself, so that we, who are filled with sin, might receive his righteousness.  "He who knew no sin became sin so that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ"--2 Corinthians 5:21.

Do you know how sinful you are?  Have you gotten in touch with the Biblical fact that all of us have fallen way short of God's glory?  Do you know that before you met Jesus, you were a traitor, enemy and sinner before the holy God of the universe?  Do you know that you deserve eternal hell as your destination?

Only then do you desire the grace of Jesus.  Only then do you desire his forgiveness.

Let me put it another way: our love of God is in direct proportion to how great a sinner we know ourselves to be.  If you think you sin a little, your love for God will be just a little bit.  If you think you are a gross sinner, your love for God will be great.

This week, reflect upon the cross of Christ.  Realize anew it's because of your sin that he had to die.  Understand that your sin nailed him there.

Then experience the exponential growth of his grace in your heart.  Realize anew his eternal mercy given to you through his death.

Realization of your sin should increase your love for him.

That's what's happens in my life, when I survey that wondrous cross!

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