My wife and I travel a great deal.  We have to carry and roll our baggage from home, to the airport, to our destination, to the motels in which we are staying, then back home again. It's tiresome, to say the least!  I get tired thinking about it! Here's a truth we've learned about carrying this baggage: you really don't know how heavy it is until you put it down.  You muster all the strength you can to get to your destination.  But when you finally stop and put the baggage down, you say to yourself, "Whew, that was really heavy.  How did I keep carrying it?"

The same is true with our life's baggage.  We are all carrying some.  Maybe it's resentment toward a person who hurt you.  Or perhaps it's a life disappointment, something that didn't work out like you wanted.  Or maybe it's that job you didn't get or the team you didn't make.

Most often, this baggage is cumulative.  It builds up over years.  Yet we keep moving forward, carrying heavier burdens by the year.

Today, why not try putting the baggage down?  How?  Just do it!  Release it from your puny hands and give all of it to God.  Say to him, "You are sovereign over all.  You know this happened to me.  I'm tired of carrying it.  I'm giving it to you. It's too heavy to keep carrying.  I'm letting you carry it.  You promised to use it for my good and your glory.  So I'm trusting you.  I'm letting go.  I'm putting it down."

Then walk away.

Not only will you discover God really does care for you, and is carrying your burdens as he promised, you'll also discover how heavy the baggage was and how light your walk with Jesus is now.

"Cast all your cares upon him, for he cares for you"--I Peter 5:7.  Wise words for tired people carrying lots of life's baggage!

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