The Wells Fargo golf championship has just come through Charlotte.  Tens of thousands of golf fans enjoyed these fabulous four days of golf.  The best, most talented golfers in the world played the course at Quail Hollow Country Club here in Charlotte. I don’t play golf.  I just can’t master it.  Perhaps it’s because I’m too tall.  Maybe I don’t have the patience to play it…or the skill!  I’ve tended to lean toward Mark Twain’s famous quote that golf is a great way to mess up a  Sunday afternoon walk!

But it is a fun game to watch.  It takes enormous skill to master the links.

I have a friend who plays on the professional tour.  One time, I asked him what’s the best life lesson golf ever taught him.  He didn’t hesitate.  He responded, “It’s not how you drive, it’s how you arrive.”  He was saying that you can hit terrific drives, but if you four putt, you’ve lost!

The same is true in life.  Yesterday is finished.  Today is all you have.  You can’t live life effectively driving your life’s car while looking in the rear view mirror.  Be effective today.  That’s what’s important.  “I’s not how you drive, it’s how you arrive!"

A great lesson from a game I don’t understand but really appreciate!

“He who began the good work will be faithful to complete it”—Philippians 1:6

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