Kevin Durant is a terrific basketball player.  Few in the history of the game possess his size, length and skill.  There’s a reason he was named the NBA’s MVP this season!

Yet his acceptance speech, when he received the MVP trophy, is what most will remember about his achievements this year.  He honored his coach, teammates and especially his Mom.  What he said to her, about her, should be lodged in the memory banks of every person who deeply appreciates all his Mom has done.  It was extremely powerful and moving.

There was one striking, glaring omission from KD’s speech: just a casual, quick reference to his Dad.  No emotion toward him.  No praise to him.  Just a mention of him that suggested the pain of his absence.

God never intended kids to live without Dads.  They are not “tag-alongs” in parenting. They are essential.  Give me a Godly Dad, loving sacrificially a Godly woman, who then willingly desires and lets her husband lead the family spiritually, and I’ll show you a healthy kid.

Dads, this Father’s Dad, remember that your kids spell love T-I-M-E. Be with them. Love them. Care for them. Teach them God’s principles and truth. Give them the greatest gift they need the most: love for their mother.

Then, when/if your child ever receives the MVP trophy for anything, you’ll be heartily recognized, along with your wife, as the most powerful influences in his or her life.

That’s God’s original design for all kids.

Happy Father’s Day!