Here's a great way to build commitment in your marriage: be honest.  Yes, this one can be hard, especially when you're spouse asks, "Do these jeans make my rear end look a bit larger," and you know the truth but you just don't want to tell it!  Sometimes, in cases like these, it feels like honesty is not the best policy. But when it comes to things that matter, honesty is always the best policy.  No matter what, you need to commit always to tell the truth.  For example:

1. Be honest every day and in every way.  Small moments of deceit can so easily lead to large and frequent moments of deceit.  In financial areas, parenting, personal goals all require honesty.

2. Be honest in front of and with your children.  Don't engage your kids in lies when you say something like, "We don't need to tell Dad ________ because he really won't understand."  You are teaching your child to lie…in their own marriages later on.

Honesty is the best policy, in all marriages.  Make sure you are practicing it.  It helps build commitment in your marriage.