I read recently about a team of researchers who have announced an in-car camera placed on the dashboard just above the steering wheel.  Its purpose is to analyze drivers’ facial expressions while driving.  More specifically, it’s trying to see if there’s any hint in the facial features of road rage or fatigue in the driver. The expressions taken by the camera are then immediately compared to a database of facial features.  The system is looking for any possible comparative signs of anger, fatigue or exhaustion.

What happens if something negative is detected?  The vehicle might play soft music if there’s anger.  Or loud, energetic music if fatigue is detected.

If you had such a camera on you all day long, what would it say?

Maybe today you should pretend there is one.  When you feel anger, fatigue or exhaustion, respond accordingly!

There are signals all around us, warning us every minute.  We just need to turn the inward camera on, watch and listen.

Then respond accordingly!