The second of the Greek words for love is eros.  It’s the source from which we get the word “erotic” in our language. It’s physical attraction.  It’s what one of my seminary professors called “the fizz in the physical.”  It’s the “wow” when you first saw your beloved.  I know it’s what I felt when I first saw my wife!

It’s a necessary aspect of love.  It’s the spark that gets the engine running in your closest relationship.  It has caused generals to go off to war, kings to give up their thrones.  It is a powerful, motivating, forceful feeling.

It’s the spark that makes a man and woman walk to an altar and pledge extraordinary promises.  It causes kids to come!  Hollywood and the record industry have built a multi-billion dollar industry on eros.  It is a powerful motivator in the human endeavor.

If you have known eros with another, you are greatly blessed.  It’s an important part of love.

It’s what help makes the human race function!