We are looking at the four ways the Greeks could say, “I love you.”  There’s storge love, common affection, mostly found in families.  There’s also eros, physical attraction love. But eros has its limits.  It loves as long as feelings and circumstances allow it to love.  There must be more.  There is!

The third love is philea.  It’s friendship love.  The city, Philadelphia, comes from the two Greek words, “philea” and “adelphos”.  Adelphos means “brothers” in the Greek. Therefore, Philadelphia is commonly called, “the city of brotherly love.”

Friendship love binds two together in their mutual interests.  When you love with philea, you are very close to the other.  You are practically inseparable.  You share hurts, rejoice with successes and hardly ever experience jealousy.

If you have such a loyal “philea” friend, you are indeed fortunate.  No one should pass through life without one!  Make sure you are spending time in life developing this kind of love, especially with your spouse!

For it’s true: it’s easy to leave your spouse.  It’s terribly difficult to leave your best friend.

It’s the kind of love that truly makes the world go round!