There is one final kind of love we need to examine.  It’s called agape.  The Greeks seldom used this word to describe love.  They thought it unattainable.  It was used to describe the gods love for one another, but what human could love with agape? What is agape?  It is the total, unconditional acceptance of another just the way he or she is.  It’s loving in spite of the feelings or circumstances.  It’s the foundation of a lifelong marriage commitment.  It is being patient and kind, not jealous, selfish or rude.  It doesn’t seek its own way.  It doesn’t store up the memory of wrongs done against it.  It bears all things, endures all things and believes the best in the other, no matter what!

This term “agape” is the word that is used in the Bible to describe God’s love toward his creation.  In fact, one verse in the Bible says, “As God has loved you, now love one another.”  Can you imagine a world where everyone loved one another as God as loved us with agape.

That’s his will.  When it finally happens, it will indeed be heaven on earth!

And it’s what the world needs now, this kind of agape, sweet agape!