Here’s a phrase I’ve often lived by: “the choice to rejoice.”  Think about it.  If true, it means I have the opportunity, every day, whether to choose joy in my life or live under my circumstances. Have you made the choice to rejoice?  If you stop and think about it, there are many reasons to choose joy today.  Think about it.  You awoke this morning, therefore there is a new opportunity for a new day.  Most likely, you have food to eat, clothes to wear, work to do, people you love, people who love you!

Sit down today and give thanks for all you have.  Note them in your brain.  If possible, write them down.  I bet your list will grow longer and longer.

If you are discouraged today, slow down and be thankful.  Open the door to your heart to see and understand all the good in your life.  See if the good doesn’t far outweigh the bad.

That’s the choice to rejoice all of us have today.

Choose wisely today!