When someone comes to you today and asks, “How are you doing,” many of us will respond, “Well, under the circumstances, I guess I’m doing fine. Here’s my question for you today: Why are you living “under the circumstances?”  Why have your life’s circumstances forced you into a position of feeling that life controls you and you don’t control life?

I don’t think any of us were ever created to live “under the circumstances.”  We were created to live over our life’s circumstances.  Though we often can’t control them, we can control how we allow them to affect our lives.

Therefore, today, choose to live above your circumstances!  If you have some lousy ones besetting you, choose to use them for good.  Choose to use them to help you grow, learn more, be a better person.

Choose to turn your scars into stars!  Your hurts to hope!  Your pain to possibilities!

That’s the way not to live under your circumstances.

It’s the path to personal power and freedom.