Has someone hurt you?  I mean, really, really hurt you?  Is the ache of their betrayal so great it’s hard to get rid of the memory?  Do you still want retaliation? If so, here’s a tip I once received from a very wise friend to help me deal with someone who betrayed me: remember that they are hurting their own soul more than you can imagine.

Think about it.  Someone who would purposefully and intentionally hurt you.  Then they never apologize.  You flinch every time someone does something even remotely similar..  You think revenge is the answer.  But no justice ever occurs.

If so, remember the damage they are doing to their eternal soul.  Remember the pain they must be inflicting upon themselves by doing what they did and never feel remorse.  What callousness of heart must have consumed them.  What selfish ambition controls them.

Then give them to God.  Trust his eternal justice.

And I pray health will soon come to your battered soul.