This may seem like a simple piece of advice for you today.  But it could also be profound. Most all of us need to remember it, especially if we’re not practicing it. What is it?  If you’re having a tough time, don’t keep it all bottled up inside. Find some people you can really trust.  Share your hurts and hang-ups with them.  Talk things through.  Openly sure your feelings.  If you have a close friendship with your spouse, that’s a great place to start.  Or maybe a close friend would work.

Eventually, if things stay bottled up, our hearts pay the price.  The acid emotions of worry and resentment boil over and can affect everything from our moods to our physical health.

And if the problems are just too big for a friend to handle (and they can be!), be willing to seek professional help.  Go to your clergyman or a trained counselor.

Your problems can’t stay bottled up forever!  Talk them through today with someone who cares.

It’s a path to peace for us all.