People ask me from time to time, “How can I have hope in God” There are 7 billion people in the world? How could God care about my problems today?” I then ask them how many spots a pin could prick their bodies. Could there be perhaps millions? Maybe a billion? Yet no matter what part of their body is touched by the pin, their brain feels it. I think that’s like God. All of us are parts of His created order. We are His children. Whenever we hurt, He hurts. He feels every part of His creation’s pain.

If you believe this, as do I, that means when I hurt, God hurts. When I feel despair, He feels despair for me. If I’m in the valley of the shadow of death, He is there with me. I can face every problem in life, knowing that God is there too. I am not alone, I have one with me who not only understands the pain, not only feels the pain I’m feeling, but is committed to walk through the valley with me.

That gives my heart great hope today & forever.