Revelation 6 today.  This chapter gives us insights into events that will occur before the 2nd coming of Jesus.  Here's an overview as the Lamb of God breaks the 7 seals of the scroll. 1. Vss 1,2: the first seal represents political and military leaders' quest for power and expansion.  They cause destabilization everywhre.

2. Vss 3,4: the second seal and rider represents the "great sword", the steady taking of peace from the earth.  Pursuits of conquest bring blood to the earth.

3. Vss 5,6: the third seal and rider show the food chaos that will exist.  Food prices will be driven skyward and hunger and famine will exist everywhere.

4. Vss 7,8: the fourth seal and rider show the sword, famine and pestilence that will grow over all the earth.  The death of "one fourth of the earth" shows how great this tribulation will be.

5. Vss 9-11: the fifth seal shows the number of martyrs in heaven crying out to God, "How long before justice takes place for our martyrdom?"  God answers, "A while longer, until the last martyr has given his life, then justice will occur."  Until then, they rest in the white robes of purity and victory until that great day of justice occurs.

6. Vss 12-17: the sixth seal expresses the earth's upheavals, probably expressing a great earthquake everywhere.  Mountains will be leveled.  The sea will rise.  The sun will be blackened and the moon turn to blood.  Everyone everywhere, rich and poor, will seek shelter, asking desperately, "Who can stand in the face of God's and the Lamb's wrath?"

There is great debate among scholars whether these events are futuristic, during the final Great Tribulation?  Or do they express historical events for thousands of years until Jesus' eventual return?  My persona guess is both.  They will be ever-increasing "birth pangs", becoming very great in the final tribulation time, the years right before Jesus returns.  I may be wrong (I often am!).  But this seems consistent with Jesus' teachings about his 2nd Coming in Matthew 24 and Mark 13.

The one thing I am sure about: He is returning.  He will judge all sin.  All wrong will be made right.  Justice will prevail.  The Lamb's love for us is sufficient.

May we all live in that sufficiency today and forever.