Revelation 8 is today's chapter.  It is the Lamb (Jesus) opening up the 7th seal of God's final judgment upon creation. There is a silence in heaven before this judgment comes (vs 1), displacing the praises of the angels, elders, saints and living beings in chapter 7.

Vss 2-5  the prayers of the saints, the suffering saints crying out for justice on earth, rise to the Lamb.  The seven angels stand ready to sound the seven trumpets.

Vss 6,7 show the firsdt trumpet blast where fire and hail destroy one third of earth and trees.

Vss 6-9 is the second trumpet blast and reveals "a great mountain, buring with fire, thrown into the sea," most likely a volcano, turning a third of the sea into blood (similar to the plague in Egypt).

Vss 10,11 is the third trumpet where fire falls from heaven called "Wormwood" or "Bitterness" and cause one third of the rivers and springs, the source of all drinking water, to become undrinkable.

Vs 12 is the fourth trumpet where darkening of the moon and sun occurs, a third of the day obscuring the light.

Note that in each trumpet blast, only one third of creation is affected.  It's a warning from God for repentance.  God is very, very patient in his judgment because he does not will anyone should perish but all come to faith in him.  Even up to the final moment when the final judgment occurs, God is reaching out to humanity, warning, wooing, trying in every possible way to bring sinners to repentance and salvation.

The final day of Judgment will be terrible.  But for those of us who believe, we need fear nothing.  We do know there will be a time when God makes all things right.  There will come a day when justice will occur on earth.  Every wrong will be made right.  Until that day, we know God is long-suffering, patient, enduring our awful sin, desiring our hearts to come to him.

The ultimate evidence of his patience and love is the Cross of Christ.  Do you believe today that Jesus' death was sufficient for your salvation?  Do you believe today that you will never have to face this terrible day of the Lord?

I pray so.