One of the ways we could improve our marriages is by learning to write notes to our beloveds.  I've learned that former President Ronald Reagan was one of the masters of this with his wife, Nancy.  One such note read: Probably this letter will reach you only a few hours before I arrive myself, but not really because right now as I try to say what is in my heart I think my thoughts must be reaching yousr without waiting for paper and ink and stamps and such.  If I ache, it's because we are apart and yet that can't be, because you are inside me and a part of me, so we aren't really apart at all.  Yet I ache but wouldn't be without the ache, because that would mean being without you, and that I can't be because I love you.

And here's another:

You are the real whipped cream on the pumpkin pie of life!  And boy am I a dessert man?!

May we all learn a bit of "letter-writing" genius to our spouses from former President Ronald Reagan!