Revelation 12 today is an incredible insight into the eternal, spiritual world.  We have amazing perspectives on spiritual warfare in the past up to today.  Here's what grabbed me: -vss1,2: The woman is Israel.  The son she births is Jesus.  The suffering of the woman is the evil one who has persecuted the nation of Israel from day one.

-vs 3: The great red dragon is Satan, the evil one.  His description here is someone of great, enormous power.

-vs 4: This describes his original rebellion against God, taking a "third of the stars" with him (the demons) to devour the woman's child, Jesus' followers, who have been persecuted over 2,000 years of history for following Jesus.

-vs 5: The male child is Jesus, the promised Messiah, who is "born to rule all the nations with an iron rod."

vs 6: The child's mother fled into the wilderness could be, for some interpreters, the Jewish believers left here after Jesus' return, fleeing constant persecution.  For others it symbolizes the continual persecution for Israel and Christians for a certain period of time that God oversees and controls.

-vs 7: Michael, one of the mightiest of all the angels, will be instrumental in the ultimate defeat of the evil one.  His time of battle with Satan signifies the great time of trouble preceding the return of Jesus.

-vss 8,9: The devil is "thrown down to earth" showing that he has taken his battle to God's saints.

-vss 10,11: Satan's major weapon is accusation.  He's the "accuser of the brethren", constantly condemning God's people.  But he is over come by 1) the blood of the Lamb (knowing we're saved by grace) 2) he word of their testimony (by standing solidly for Jesus and openly sharing his love) and 3) not fearing for his life (knowing that death is not the end).

-vs 12: Satan fights so furiously with the saints because he knows his time is short.  He knows Jesus will return.  So he tries to kill, steal and destroy as much as possible.

-vs 14: It's like an Exodus time here, a wilderness, where the evil one attacks and God supplies every need.

-vs 15: The serpent/evil one keeps trying to destroy with persecution and lies from his mouth.

-vs 17: The withering attack of Satan continues.  As he failed to destroy the Messiah and his mother, now he goes after "her offspring", you and me, those who hold to the testimony of Jesus.  We are called to persevere, especially against the beast who emerges from the sea to wage war on the saints of God.

Who is the beast?

That's tomorrow and chapter 13.  Trust Jesus entirely today.  The enemy has been defeated.  Praise God!