Marty Wilkins wrote that today's kids desperately need heroes who…

  • play catch, enjoy tea parties or wrestle because the heart of a child is there and they set out to capture it.
  • laugh till their belly hurts and tears fall from their eyes while secretly creating deep friendships and memories that last a life-time.
  • make mistakes but consider them to be wonderful opportunities to learn.
  • place an out of tune preschool concert or a ten-year-old's baseball game on life's agenda because they are of infinite worth to those playing.
  • love at all times, because love is a gift freely given and not a reward for service well done.
  • listen eye to eye and with both ears even if it means getting on one knee.
  • admit when they are wrong and work to make things right.

Be a hero to your kid today.  It creates hope for a lifetime!