Revelation 18 is the reading today.  It's much like a Greek drama.  A chorus of speakers step forth on the stage telling a story.  Here the speakers show the desertion of the prostitute by the beast and the kings of this world who once supported and adored her before God's judgment outlined here in this chapter.  Here are some insights: -Vss 1-3: Another angel with authority reaffirms the verdict announced earlier that this great city Babylon, representing all major cities throughout history, that has been led by every demonic agency possible, always questing after power and pleasure, is now "fallen, fallen."

-Vss 4-8: First, the voice warns the church not to be seduced by Babylon's ways, for Babylon's arrogance and cruelty will be judged.  Vs 4 reminds us that the church is to "come out" from Babylon as a holy, different people.  God will repay Babylon's evil "double portion".  The violence it has afflicted upon God's children, the persecuted church, will be repaid double.

-Vss 7,8: Babylon, like all proud cities, boasts of it's power and pride.  Yet God says in one single day it will fall at his judgment.

-Vss 9,10: There will be laments from kings, merchants and mariners who greatly profited from Babylon's prosperity.  But when her fall occurs, they will stand far off, trying to distance themselves from this judgment.  But they won't be able to do so.  In "a single hour," God's judgment swiftly comes.

-Vss 11-17: All the merchants lift a lofty lament, their own source of prosperity severed.  One of the lists of cargo they carried were "slaves" and "human souls."  I must think here of the sex trafficking trade presently going on throughout the world.  They help drive engines of prosperity in the pornography and prostitution industries.  God will judge it, swiftly, thoroughly.  Praise Him!

-Vss 18,19: Merchants continue to grieve their wealthy is laid waste in a single moment/hour.  "What city was like this great city?" will be the lament and question.

-Vs 20: Yet in heaven, the apostles, prophets and saints are invited to rejoice and celebrate in God's judgment of Babylon.  They do.  God's justice is good.

-Vs 21: An angel casts a huge millstone into the sea to illustrate Babylon's fall.  The millstone was seen one minute, gone the next, just like Babylon with all its power and pride.  It will "be found no more."  Its destruction is total and final.

-Vss 22,23: All the normal sights and sounds of daily life are gone.  Babylon's "sorcery" has deceived all nations (the evil one is behind the deception).  They believed that wealth, power, prestige and pleasure were the ultimate quests for life.  The false prophet tricked people everywhere to worship the beast.

-Vs24: Babylon's final fall will avenge the blood of all the martyrs through the ages.  Prophets and saints, all who suffered violence on earth for believing in Jesus, will one day be avenged by God and the Lamb.  It WILL happen.  Their lives given for God's glory will not be in vain.

God is just.  No evil escapes his notice.  The motive behind all injustice, pleasure and power especially, will one day be judged by God.  These motives are the motives behind all "Babylons" here on earth.  God is good.  He sees all.  One day, in a moment, all evil will be doubly judged.  All saints, prophets and angels will rejoice at God's good justice.

It's a day for which most of us long.  I know I do.