On Thanksgiving Eve, Psalm 103 is our reading today.  It is a psalm of King David.  It is also a psalm of praise.  If you read it closely, you see various aspects of praising God that should make all of us praise him more effectively.  Here's what I see: We should praise God with all our hearts.  Speak to our souls, and tell ourselves to praise him.  We should speak to our souls and tell ourselves NEVER to forget all his benefits (how appropriate with tomorrow being Thanksgiving Day!).

Why should we praise God?  Vss 4ff tell us:

1.He forgives our sins.

2. He heals our diseases.

3. He ransoms us from death.

4. He surrounds us with his constant love and mercy.

5. He fills our lives with good things.

6. He renews our strength to be like when we were young as we trust in him.

7. He gives justice to those who love him and were treated unfairly.

8. He is slow to get angry at our sin but gives us love and mercy, not staying angry with us for our sin forever, not continuing to accuse us.

9. He doesn't give us what we deserve with our sin (which is hell) but keeps pouring out his love on us.  He has removed our rebellious acts from us, treating us like a loving father does his children.

10. He knows how weak we are.  We are like dust, grass, wildflowers.  We bloom and are gone.

Then David concludes the psalm by telling more of God's love.  It remains forever, long after we're gone.  It's for our children and children's children, for those who love him and are faithful to his covenant and obey his commandments.

The Lord made everything in heaven and on earth.  Therefore, even the angels are commanded to praise him.  These angels, who carry out God's plan, who serve his will, are to praise him.  Yes, everything that has been created should praise the Creator.

David's final words: "As for me, I, too will praise the Lord."  Our great God is worthy of every creature's praise.  He is God.  He is perfect love and forgiveness.  We're mere dust.  He is worthy of our praise every day, especially this Thanksgiving Eve!