Happy Thanksgiving! Psalm 104 is our reading today.  It has hone clear meaning: King David was telling his soul, speaking to himself, about the greatness of his God.  Don't ever forget this powerful tool!  When faith ebbs, speak to yourself about the greatness of our God.  Contemplate who he is.  Read a psalm like Psalm 104.  Here are some of its insights: -Look at light and see God enveloped in it.  Then look at the stars and the heavens, the rain clouds, the winds, flames and fires.  All are God's servants.

-God placed the world on its foundation.  It cannot be moved.

-Look at the water all around the world, the fact that the mountains are covered with snow.  Event he mountains and valleys are exactly as God intended them to be formed.  The boundary of the seas are just as God willed.  His eternal decrees guide all.  Waters gush down from the mountains to give us water to drink.  Think about this: we thirst.  God provided for our thirst by giving us water!

-He gives birds branches in which to rest in trees.  He produces food from our labor from the ground.  Grass feeds the cattle.  Produce from the ground feeds us.  Think about this: we hunger and God supplies food for our hunger!  He gives us wine to enjoy, olive oil to soothe our skin and bread for our hunger.  How great is our God!

-Trees are cared for.  Even storks have nests.  Pasture lands are given for wild goats and rocks for badgers.  The moon marks the seasons and the sun is ordered to rise and set by you.  Young lions roar for their food yet God provides for them all.a

-The ocean, vast and wide, was created by God.  All kinds of strange and wonderful life exists in the ocean. Ships float over God's ocean, taking commerce to different nations.

Here's the focus of the psalm: "Every one of these depends on you" (vs 27).  You control our breath, our sustenance, our life and our breath.  You alone give "new life in the Spirit" (vs 30).  This is reason to praise the greatness of God: "May the glory of the Lord last forever!" David proclaims in vs 31.  He commits to sing to the Lord forever.  Those who don't acknowledge, may they disappear from the earth forever.

But as for David, and I hope you and me, "I will praise the Lord" (vs 35).  How great he is!  He is worthy of all our praise.