Psalm 107:1-22 is today's reading.  There are two things that struck me in the reading this morning. First, in vs 2, the question: "Has the Lord redeemed you?"  Then the answer: "Then speak out.  Tell others he has saved your from your enemies."  It's a question for us too.  Has the Lord Jesus redeemed you?  Has he really saved you from your sin, death and eternal separation from God?  Do you know the reality of this wonderful act from God?  If so, then speak out!  Tell others of this great salvation and deliverance.  If you really know God's great redemption, you must share it with others.  If you have no desire to do so, has the great redemption/deliverance really taken place?

Second, in these verses I see a prayer that God always hears and answers.  It's first found in vs 6: "Lord, help!"  Then it continues, "and he rescued them from their distress.  The same prayer is repeated in vs 13, 19 and 28 (tomorrow's lesson).  It's a consistent stream of thought.  The person praying is in a difficult trial.  There seems to be no answer.  But he cries out this simple prayer, "Lord, help!"  And God answered.

Do you feel hopeless, discouraged and despairing today?  Then begin with the simple prayer, "Lord, help!"  God always hears this kind of prayer.  And, according to Psalm 107, it's a prayer he always answers.