Our first psalm we are reading today, Psalm 110, is a royal psalm.  It is "Messianic" in that it looks forward to the coming of the Messiah.  Whenever it was sung by the Jews, it looked forward to the day Messiah would come. What's interesting is Jesus himself quotes this Psalm, vs 1, in Mark 12:36 for example.  Clearly, Jesus was saying with this quotation, "I am greater than David.  When he quotes 'The Lord said to my lord," it is I who is speaking to King David.'"  The people in that day understood what he was saying.  So should we.

Messiah wears "holy garments" (vs 3), in the order of the high priest Melchizedek (vs 4).  He is the warrior king who will one day be victorious over all his enemies.  This Lord, one Christians know as Jesus, sits at the right hand of the Lord (vs 5).

The second psalm today is psalm 111.  It's a hymn of praise that looks at the great works of God.  They should be remembered.  As I read it, I think the entire psalm's celebration of God's great works can be encapsulated in three ways:

1. God's call is great.  He chose Israel (and Christians) from among all the people on the earth.

2. God's care for them is great.  He has overseen them since the day he called them, always providing for them.

3. God's protection is great.  He has protected them from their enemies because of his covenant.

Because of this, God is worthy of our praise.  Vs 1 commands us: "Praise the Lord!"  It shouldn't be an option in our lives.  How great is our God!