Psalm 119: 23-46 today.  When I read these verses, I am struck how King David desires, really desires, to obey the principles of God's Word.  Here are some thoughts: -He watns to be revived and encouraged by God's Word.

-He wants to know every last principle of God's Word.

-He will put them into practice, every one of God's principles with all his heart.

-He asks God to take away any love for money and give him an eagerness for God's decrees!

-He longs to abandon shameful ways because love for God's law is all he wants in life.

-He longs to obey God's principles because he totally trusts in God's Word.

-He walks in total freedom because he walks in God's commandments.

-He delights in God's commandments.  He loves them!

A man or woman after God's own heart, like King David, will have this kind of love for God's principles in his Word.  Is this you?