I'm preparing for a message on Anna and Simeon.  Both encountered Jesus as a baby, during the last years of their lives. When Simeon cradled the Christ child in the crook of his arm, he wrote a Christmas hymn commonly called the "Nunc Dimitis" which means, "I dismiss".  In other words, he can now face death with great assurance because he had encountered his Messiah and Savior.  He knew his sins were forgiven.  Death now had no sting over him.  His death was a mere translation into eternal life.

I also thought of Christopher Hitchens here too.  Over the past decade, he has been one of if not the most avowed atheist in the world.  His acerbic writings have inspired many to cast aside faith to face a godless eternity.  He died yesterday.  I don't know what happened during his last hours.  I know that a simple cry from a human heart to God, "Have mercy on me, Lord" is a powerful, humble statement of admission of sin.  But there's nothing to hint he had this humility toward God in his heart.  If he is wrong (and of course I think he is) he has now faced the God of his supposed godless eternity.

Are you Simeon or Hithcens?  Simeon faced his eternity confident he had eternity with God.  Christopher Hitchens did not.

I can only answer for myself.  I go to my Father's house with great anticipation of eternal existence and bliss.

What about you?