Psalm 144:12 is a prayer to God for our sons and daughters to have great success.  The sons in their youth will be like full grown plants.  The daughters will be like corner pillars (the most beautiful ones) in a palace.  Don't all of us parents want this for our kids?  I know my wife and I do. However, don't miss what precedes these verses.  I think they are key for our prayers for our kids' success to occur.  Note first:

1. We are to acknowledge who God is.  Note the one praying says that God is: my rock, steadfast love, fortress, stronghold, deliverer, shield, refuge "who subdues peoples under me" (vss 1,2).  The one praying must have a personal, living, vital relationship with the God of the universe.  This is the beginning point for all answered. prayer.

2. Vs 1 says that God "trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle."  To pray for our kids is warfare.  We have to stand in the gap with faith for them every day.  Our hands and fingers need to know how to fight this battle.  It's not easy.  It's war.  But God gives the victory.

3. Vss 4-7 acknowledge our total humility before God.  We are nothing before him, a mere breath and whisper.  If anything happens for our kids, he has to do it.  We are dependent on him for the victory.  And if he does something, he will have to "bow down" and "stretch out his hands from on high" to us.  He is God.  We are not God.  We know our humble place as his servants.

4. Vs 9: we will sing a new song before him.  We forget and refuse all our previous songs of despair and hopelessness we've previously sung to him.  Today is a new day.  The old has passed away.  We sing new songs of hope and deliverance.  The past is past.  We won't look at it any longer.  Our God is the giver of a new song!  We pledge to him to start singing it today for our kids.

5. We pray faith declarations.  God gives victory, not defeat (vs 10).  He rescues people from adversity (vs 10), especially from those who speak falsehood and lies.

Now, after having prayed these 5 truths, pray for your kids and their success.  Believe that God wants their blessing more than you do.

And pray for your own success too (vss 12-14).  Ask for God to bless you abundantly so you can be more of a blessing to others.

"Blessed are the people to whom such blessings fall!  Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord" (vs 15).

May this God of blessing be yours today and forever.  May he especially bless all your children abundantly, today and forever.