Mark 1:1 introduces us to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  What is the "Gospel?"  The term means "Good News."  Jesus came to bring us God's "Good News."  What does this mean? 1. First, you need to understand the "bad news."  Because of our rebellion (Genesis 3), sin has infected every particle of God's creation.  All now have sinned and fall short of God's glory.  The wages of our sinful nature which leads to sinful actions is spiritual death, eternal separation from God.

2. That's why we need good news.  We are eternally separated from God.  We need "good news", news that God has come to us in Jesus Christ, lived the life in perfection we cannot live.  He has met the righteous requirements of the law that we could never meet.  He died in our place, taking our sins upon himself.

3. Then Jesus offers us the great exchange, exchanging our sin for God's perfect righteousness.  We can't work for this righteousness.  It can't be earned.  We'd have to live perfectly for that standard to be reached.  Since we've inherited this sinful nature from Adam, our wicked hearts can't ever perfectly obey the law's righteous standard.  That's why the gift of eternal life, the gift of Jesus' perfect righteousness, must be received by grace, a gift, through faith, which is also a gift.

4. Once received, this gift offers us God's presence in our hearts forever, his love and acceptance through Jesus and eternal life life after death.  These three things are the greatest need every human has!!!  We need God's peace, love and power to sustain us now.  Plus, we need his promise of heaven to know that death, our great enemy, does not have the final word.

Jesus came to proclaim and give us God's Gospel, the good news of the forgiveness of our sins forever.

It's something to consider today...and forever.

To Christ alone and always belongs all the glory.