Continue to meditate with me on Mark 1:1.  The name of Jesus and what that means.  What the term "Christ" means.  Today, think with me on the term "Son of God."  It's often used about Jesus (along with "Son of Man"). Jesus is God's Son, the unique second person of the Trinity.  Jesus is totally God (and totally human, thus the designation "Son of Man").  He is the perfect God/man, entering human history for the salvation of our sins.  Here are a couple of thoughts the Holy Spirit (the third person of the Godhead) brought to my mind today as I mediated on this term:

1. In Jesus, the Father sent his Son to pursue me.  He came from heaven to pursue a relationship with me!  I've constantly run away.  Yet I'm still pursued by the Almighty.  It's almost too much to think about.

2. Jesus had to be God to die for my sins.  Another sinful, selfish human being can't die for my sins.  Jesus had to be perfectly God and human to make the Atonement on the Cross efficacious for me.

Jesus had to be God for salvation to work.  That's why the title "Son of God" is naturally meaningful.  Mark knew it.  All the Gospel writers in the New Testament knew it.  The centurion at the Cross knew it.

It's essential for us to know it too to be saved.

Mediate on this truth today.