Some Tips On Being A More Effective Leader Max DePree is a leadership guru who has inspired many to be better leaders.  He's written several books on leadership, especially servant leadership and how to succeed through serving others.

DePree once gave this quote: "The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.  The last is to say thank you."  Look at each one of these leadership truths:

The leader's responsibility is to define reality.  The leader must look at what's going on around him and make proper decisions.  He sees what's real and what's not.  He or she is then able to communicate this reality accurately to all those working with him or her.

The leader's responsibility to say "Thank you."  Did you know studies have been done where workers say that which they want most from those with whom they work is a simple and consistent "Thank you."  With all the technological aids available to people today, there's no excuse for not saying, "Thanks" regularly to those who work for us as leaders.

Define reality.  Say "Thanks."  Two great leadership truths for us all today.