I hope you will enjoy the next few days of inspiring information as we explore some of the ways Forest Hill is working to build a community that is working to GROW in Christ.

“At FHC we believe that to Grow in Christ we need to engage a holistic approach to discipleship.  This means that we journey along a path that begins with a step into community at the church, usually through Lifegroups and volunteering, and lasts our whole lives.  The Christian faith is characterized by a continuous progression of understanding who God is, how the Gospel affects our lives, and how to give our lives away in service to others.  At our core, we recognize that being a Christian is not a one-time event that happens to us, but a life of transformation, faith and adventure that we participate in.”

-Jason Smith, FH Ballantyne Campus Pastor


Adult LifeGroups- Here at Forest Hill, we believe that lives are most effectively changed when shared together with people in genuine, real relationships and communities. That’s why we have LifeGroups where we study the Bible, build friendships and serve together.

We launched LifeGroup Connect in 2013. At this event, people interested in LifeGroups meet other people looking to get connected and even form a LifeGroup that night.

  • LG Connection by campus in 2013: SP (556) B (155) FM (228) Total (939)
  • 142 new LifeGroups formed in 2013
  • 51% increase in LifeGroup participation between 2012-2013
  • 84% of all LifeGroup connect participants got connected to a LifeGroup in 2013 (939 out of 1124 total participants)