What does it mean that the Savior has come?

First, it means that God is a pursuing God.  He is the one who chose to pursue us in our rebellion and sin.  If we love him, it’s only because he first loved us.  The cradle proves this love.  The Incarnation is God’s exclamation point of love!  If you should ever doubt God’s love, look at the cradle.

Second, it means God’s presence in our lives.  Too often we wrongly think that Christmas is all about presents.  But it’s much more about God’s presence.  One of the names given to Mary for Jesus by the angel Gabriel is “Emmanuel.”  It means “God is with us.”  No matter what we may face in life, God is present with us!

Third, it means God is a giver.  He saw how desperately lost we were in our sin.  So he gave his only Son, that whoever should believe in him will never die but have eternal life.  Jesus himself said, “it’s more blessed to give than to receive.”  Christmas Day reminds us of this truth.

Finally, it means God is very interested in our lives.  If we came once, he will come again to us.  Daily, he will come to meet our needs.  Eventually, one day, he will come again to right all wrongs and establish his perfect, just, eternal rule.  He didn’t come just once to leave us with a mere memory.  He comes over and over again, through the presence of his Holy Spirit, to meet us in our trials.  And he will come again as King of kings and Lord of lords to address all the world’s problems.  That is his promise.

Have a very Merry Christmas!  And please remember: the baby in the cradle reigns over all the world!