Another ministry here at Forest Hill is our Kids@FHC area. Kids@FHC is for children, birth through Fifth grade. Through engaging, creative and interactive environments we aim to: Equip and empower parents to be the spiritual leaders of their home, incite wonder for the Gospel in kids and families, involve families in the work God is doing in their own communities and around the world.

  • Average number of Little kids@FHC each weekend in 2013 - SP (226) B (100) FM (129)
  • Number of Big kids@FHC each weekend in 2013 - SP (210) B (137) FM (137)
  • Total average number of kids at all 3 campuses each weekend in 2013 - (939)
  • Camp Rock- 190 total campers and counselors in 2013

We have a number of dedicated staff and volunteers that invest a great deal of time and energy into the Kids@FHC ministry. I hope you will enjoy this brief interview with one of those staff members, Leta Flowers. 

What do you do for FHC?

I am the Director of Kids@FHC at the Fort Mill campus.

How did you first hear about Forest Hill and when did you first join? What made you stay?

We heard about Forest Hill from my mother in law. She knew we were looking for a church and her friend Edith Gardner was David's secretary, so she had heard from Edith how wonderful their new pastor and his wife were! When we visited the first time, I was very pregnant with our son, and our daughter was just 4 years old. We visited other churches, but this was the first time I had ever understood the message of God's grace and unconditional love. So, we ended up at Forest Hill and have been here as members for 29 years, and I have been on staff for 20 years.

What is your favorite part of working for Forest Hill Church? Or your favorite memory of FHC?

I love working with the Kids@FHC staff to create an awesome experience for kids every weekend. We say it this way:  Incite wonder and faith in the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ. And, we work alongside families- equipping them to lead their children spiritually. It is a real blessing to get to be a part of this special ministry that I think is making a real difference. Coming to Fort Mill has been another blessing- I love the people and the excitement we all feel as God works in the hearts of the people there.

A favorite memory for me will always be Camp Rock. I have been at every Camp Rock for the last 20 years. Thousands of kids have attended Camp Rock over the years, and hundreds of students have served as camp counselors. It's an awesome time of being away from everything where kids encounter God in a very real way and the counselors grow as leaders. Many, many happy memories!

Thank you to Leta and all of the other Kids@FHC staff and volunteers who work to share the love of Christ with our children here at Forest Hill!