There is a maxim in the wisdom literature in the Bible that says, “Pride comes before the fall.”  It’s a dire warning to avoid the pit of pride at all costs.

Pride is the belief the world revolves around you.  You believe that your accomplishments are only because of you.  You have an inordinately too important view of yourself.

How might you know if pride is a part of your life?  Give yourself this pride test.  See if pride has consumed your life too much.

  1. How often do you give thanks?  To God?  To others?  Thanksgiving shows you know your success has depended on others.
  2. Are you easily offended?  If someone comes close to criticizing you, do you immediately become defensive?  If so, it’s a sign of pride.
  3. Do you want your friend’s kids to fail and not succeed?  If so, it’s a sign you’re too proud about your own kids’ success and threatened when someone else does.
  4. Do you celebrate when a colleague gets a promotion and raise?  That shows you are more concerned for others than yourself.

Pride eventually leads to a fall.  It’s imperative we immediately eliminate it.